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 Additional Vehicles 
 Boats, Motors, Trailers 
 Recreational Land Vehicles 
 Mobile Homes 


 Portfolio YTD Last Year Prior Year
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 Avg. Over 30 Day Delinq. Ratio

Other Carrier Experience

Has single interest insurance been carried previously?

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Current Carrier Experience

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 Single Interest
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Does the loan agreement require physical damage naming you as loss payee?

Do you verify insurance coverage before loan agreement is signed?

Do you make at least one follow-up for an insurance policy?

Do you follow-up with the customer in the event of cancellation or expiration of his policy?

Will you continue these procedures if you purchase this coverage?

Do you record your lien on the certificate of title?

Do you hold titles?

Procedures for non-titled collateral?

Projected Growth - Number of New Loans

   YTD Last Year Next Year
 Boats, Motors, Trailers
 Recreational Land Vehicles
 Mobile Homes
 Additional Vehicles


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Has any application for single interest coverage ever been declined, canceled or renewal refused?

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